Smart fleet and workforce optimisation solutions for you

Smart fleet and workforce optimisation solutions for you

Get access to powerful monitoring and optimisation applications for your business. With thoughtfully developed software that allows you to dig deeper into your operations and gain real insights that're guaranteed to make you operate more efficiently, productively and profitably.

Fleet Management

Increase efficiency and reduce costs within your fleet with smart fleet solutions for every industry, including driver behaviour scorecards, cost management reports and advanced fitment techniques.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (Coming Soon)


Protect your vehicle (s) with a GPS-enabled tracking device and a world-class recovery team.

Bike Track

A real-time GPS/GSM telematics solution, with a full suite of fleet management features provided for your commercial motorbike fleet.


An easy-to-use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software that efficiently manages your fleet, drivers and related operating costs.


This powerful software application for mobile tablets and phones combines communication, navigation, tracking and task management technologies into one solution.

Insurance Telematics (Coming Soon)


Insurance telematics provides the means for both the insurer and the fleet operator to better manage driver behaviour, in turn, dramatically reducing loss ratios as a result of accidents.

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